About my Work


I am an experienced tradesman that cares about the quality of my work. When the job is done, it will be done right the first time. Many repair jobs are challenging. I will quote a fair price for both you and myself.

I am a sole owner/operator, doing all the work myself. I am meticulous, doing quality work, and keeping a clean working environment. I do what I can to minimize dust, and clean up upon completion.

Jim Cherney

Serving Saskatchewan homeowners in..

Yorkton, SK

Services for quality plaster and drywall repairs, water damaged ceiling repair, drywall taping, finishing, priming, and painting including California, Knock Down, and Orange Peel Ceilings. I do drywall taping and finishing, drywall priming, mudding, sanding, taper, tapers, plastering and patching. Finish with mud, muding then sand and paint, walls, ceilings, including, Popcorn Ceiling, ( Knock Down Ceiling ), Knockdown Ceiling, California Ceilings, and Ceilings. Repairing water damage, moisture, water damaged plaster ceiling repair, stucco, plaster ceiling or wall repair. I fix and repair residential homes. Smaller jobs preferred.