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Convert your smooth or textured ceiling to a California Knock Down texture.

What is a California Ceiling?

This is a "drywall-esque" finishing style is characterized by its simple, flat finish (from an architectural perspective). Though the finish of the ceiling can vary in terms of texture, 'California' specifies the standard, flat, wall-like look of the ceiling.

The look is achieved by spraying, trowelling, or rolling drywall joint compound onto walls or ceilings to achieve stalactite-like peaks, then flattening the peaks with a knockdown knife. The resulting mottled, naturalistic texture adds dimensional visual impact while also handily hiding any surface imperfections.

What is California Knockdown Style?

Knockdown texture is a drywall finishing style. It is a mottled texture, more intense than a simple flat finish, but less intense than orange peel, or popcorn, texture.